Romantic Gift Baskets

Are you looking for the #1 Romantic Gift Baskets in Winnipeg Manitoba?

Whatever your desire is, The Happy Basket Co. can create the perfect basket to help complete a romantic evening, picnic at the park or any special celebration!

Romantic gift baskets from The Happy Basket are all about having your individual preferences weaved in by our experienced professionals. As such, you are guaranteed to receive a beautiful romantic gift basket that will make anyone happy!

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Romantic Gift Baskets

If you’re looking to spend a romantic evening with your special someone, perhaps an Italian themed basket filled with pasta and sauce, bread, wine and candles is exactly what you’re looking for.

Or how about a movie-themed gift basket, for that romantic night at home. In this basket we could include items such as popcorn, chocolate or candy, a cozy blanket, a bottle of wine and some wine glasses just to give you some ideas.

All romantic gift baskets are unique and customized to your desires.

A spa gift basket is also a perfect choice for a romantic evening to celebrate a special occasion. Our spa basket is filled with essentials to enjoy a relaxing spa at home. This can include scented candles to create a calming atmosphere as well as soaps, gels, creams and mineral salts.

A perfect addition to your romantic evening is our customized wine gift basket. Each basket is designed with expert knowledge and can contain a wide assortment of items, such as wine or champagne, wine glasses, chocolate, scented candles and more.

A romantic gift basket is the perfect gift for a wedding celebration or anniversary, a birthday celebration, a social prize donation, or any occasion you may desire.

Romantic Gift Baskets from The Happy Basket Co. are a perfect gift for a perfect celebration!

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