Food Gift Baskets

Are you looking for the #1 Food Gift Baskets in Winnipeg Manitoba?

Food gift baskets are not just a basket full of food. They are so much more than that. Our baskets are all artistically made and designed to meet your client needs.

Your food gift basket can be themed around the receiver’s favourite restaurant, favourite food or favourite snacks, etc. You can have restaurant gift cards, snacks, chocolates, fruits, nuts, BBQ utensils, cook books and more inside a custom food gift basket.

Every food gift basket is designed to be unique. No two baskets are the same as we make your food gift basket to specifically suit your situation and needs.

food gift basket

The Perfect Food Gift Basket

The Happy Basket Co. will take your ideas and custom design a perfect gift basket to meet your requirements.

If you’re looking for an Italian themed basket filled with pasta and sauce with some bread and wine or a basket filled with cheese and crackers with wine you can have it.

If your client is a vegetarian, vegan or has special eating requirements such as allergies, religious beliefs or personal preferences, we can create fully custom and beautiful baskets for their tastes!

If your client prefers more of a meat eater style, consider a gift basket with fancy BBQ sauces, BBQ utensils, BBQ cook books, Gift Cards to your favourite butcher shop and more.

Whatever your desire is, we can create the perfect food basket to help complete a romantic evening or picnic at the park!

Food gift baskets from The Happy Basket are all about having your individual preferences weaved in by our experienced professionals. As such, you are guaranteed to receive a beautiful gift basket that everyone will love and enjoy.

We do not leave out anything in the quality and creativity of our baskets which is why our customers have grown to love our work.

Food Gift Baskets from The Happy Basket Co. are a great and delicious gift to give!

food gift basket

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