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Are you looking for the #1 Cookie Gift Baskets in Winnipeg Manitoba?

Cookie gift baskets are ideal for birthdays, holidays and any other special occasion. If you’re looking to surprise a colleague, relative or friend with a cookie gift basket, we can create for them, a beautiful one of a kind gift.

Cookie gift baskets make the perfect gift for business clients and associates. Whether you want to say ‘Thank You’ or you want to show a gesture of appreciation, you’re sure to be remembered for giving a custom cookie gift basket.

Each basket is unique and custom designed to meet your desired client needs. No two baskets are the same. Our team of specialists have many years of experience designing gift baskets.

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Custom Cookie Gift Baskets

Our cookie gift baskets contain more than just cookies! Biscotti, brownies, anything your heart desires can be added into your custom gift basket.

We can add specialty teas, coffees or anything you wish to compliment your cookie basket. If your client is into baking, your gift basket may contain cookie baking utensils, cook books with famous cookie recipes and a whole lot more.

Of course we will include some world famous, delicious cookies to enjoy!

You will not be disappointed when you order a cookie gift basket from The Happy Basket Co. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll make it happen!

Cookie gift baskets from The Happy Basket are a great and delicious gift to give!

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