Baby Gift Baskets

Are you looking for the #1 Baby Gift Baskets in Winnipeg Manitoba?

One of our most popular specialty gift baskets is our custom designed baby gift basket. A Baby Gift Basket is made and given from the heart. All of our custom gift baskets are creatively designed, with colourful and vibrant ribbons, bowes and imaginative decorations.

Baby gift baskets are an exciting gift for all new parents. The joy of discovering and opening each new treasure that’s in every basket is sure to bring a smile!

The Happy Basket Co. specializes in creating custom gift baskets. Our job is to deliver the best baby gift baskets to match the parents creativity and passions.

Every gift in your custom made baby gift basket is thoughtful and heartfelt. You can rest assured the family who receives it, will remember it forever!

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Custom Baby Gift Baskets

What really makes our baby gift baskets unique is that there are no two baskets the same. Each one is an artistic expression of love and joy, fully customized to your specific needs.

We understand that all babies are different, so we create baby gift baskets to reflect the uniqueness of each baby. That means your basket will reflect the preference of the baby’s parents when it comes to their children.

One of our personalized touches is the homemade baby blankets and bibs that are included in each basket. This gives such a personal touch that’s sure to warm any new parents heart!

We can also include an assortment of baby books, teething rings, rattles, stuffed toys, as well as baby powders, ointments, wipes and any other items that match the parents preferences.

It doesn’t matter if the baby gift basket is for a boy, girl or twins (or more!), our experienced specialists will create the perfect gift basket that will be memorable and usable for all.

Whether you need a gift for a baby shower, a birthday or holiday event or even to donate as a social prize, we will customize your baby gift basket to be perfect for any occasion.

Baby gift baskets from The Happy Basket Co. are a perfect gift for any new Family!

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